A DildoCase cleverly designed to discreetly store up to nine (9) carnal pleasures’ objects or, according to your needs, any other accessories. The lid of all our cases has a zippered mesh to store your lingerie or anything else your heart desires. Made of high quality aluminum and offered in different colours, this product has digital locks, keeping the secret of your fantasies out of sight. Its carefully organized interior, finely crafted with patterns stitched on premium hand-washable fabric, will keep your items clean in an antibacterial environment. Our cases also come with a detachable waterproof zippered travel case that allows you to safely store massage oil or lubricant. We created this DildoCase by imagining the most likely scenarios people could live during their naughty parties, either alone or with friends.

So the idea of the detachable USB multi-socket option (fast charging station) became a must to avoid running out of power.

You also have the choice of background music, which is always an attractive option, with our Bluetooth Speaker

A well-organized evening with your DildoCase.

Size : 25" x 15" x 3.25"

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