Your most extravagant delights are out of sight

An innovative Montreal’s idea.

Known for their naughty parties, this libertine couple loved to share good times with friends, but soon realizes they all had the same problem: the storage or transportation of their favourites playful accessories. Wanting to thoroughly care for their luxury items, in a clean and discreet environment, became the whole idea behind the DildoCase concept.

Innovation, passion and creation quickly became an idea that, for months, stuck in the head of its designer. All those who were asked to participate in this ambitious project became the very core of DildoCase’s development.

The brand... the industry’s reference!

Beautiful chic, and well thought out products offered in an amazing colour palette! That’s the essence of strong branding and a UNIQUE product: the DildoCase! Becoming the industry’s reference due to the uniqueness of both the product and the brand is our vision, our DNA.

Your accessories always locked and loaded

Your DildoCase will live up to our expectations whether travelling with the family for Thanksgiving or spending a naughty evening in good company. At any time (and using a combination lock) it can charge your dildos and accessories using the optional multi-USB plug, even play your favourite music directly from your laptop with the optional bluetooth speaker. Several our DildoCase models are tailored to your personality and imaginative needs. Your most beautiful objects will be safe and tidy in a clean, washable, and discreet environment. DildoCase, always ready to satisfy your unexpected needs and make your biggest fantasies come true.

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